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Who we are

The Nyadire Connection (TNC), based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is aTNC l.ogo faith-based, non-profit organization that seeks to support and sustain the Nyadire United Methodist Mission in northeastern Zimbabwe, Africa. Nyadire Mission offers a hospital, primary and secondary schools, an orphanage and many other services to the community.


A girl takes part in activities at the Nyadire Mission Primary School in Nyadire, Zimbabwe.

The group was founded in 2006 after a team of 18 Pittsburghers traveled to Nyadire to volunteer for three weeks. The team provided a day camp for primary school children, medical and pastoral care and construction labor. After returning from the mission trip, many felt that support to Nyadire should be ongoing and more in depth.

The team founded TNC in order to facilitate relationships and support between friends in the US and in Nyadire. TNC is able to interpret needs expressed by Zimbabweans at Nyadire, to identify needs in additional areas and to facilitate the development of relationships and support.

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Our goals

As a non-profit, TNC seeks:

  • To educate Americans to the plight of those at Nyadire and Zimbabweans about sustainable methods to ensure Nyadire's survival and efficacy;
  •  To advocate for those who have little voice - the orphans, the poor, the sick;
  • To support Nyadire with resources (both financial and otherwise) in a responsible and helpful manner.

Our programs

The Nyadire Connection has 11 ongoing programs.